Remote working can be a real problem for skincare lovers. But don’t worry, just a few tricks are enough to make the most of your work time and get the most out of your beauty routine.

  1. Regular and gentle cleaning is essential

What the skin needs now is a particularly gentle and deep cleansing and care routine, which strengthens the skin barrier and restores the balance of the pH value. Gentle cleansers that effectively remove dirt should be used in the morning and at night, even if you haven’t come off or put on makeup. In fact, during the day, sebum forms on the face and dirt and dead skin accumulates, which must be periodically removed by means of a special peeling.

Pomegranate enzyme and radish root extract effectively remove makeup, dirt, and dead skin cells. Oat grain extract and natural betaine contain valuable antioxidants that strengthen the skin’s barrier. Finally, vegetable glycerin also protects against dehydration.

  1. Strengthen the skin barrier with hyaluronic acid and ceramides.

Moisturizing products with hyaluronic acid and ceramides are especially suitable for making the skin more resistant and protecting it. Hyaluronic acid in its purest and most concentrated form has an intense moisturizing action, making the complexion immediately smoother and more nourished. Also, a room humidifier is great for increasing the humidity in the room. When using it, your skin will not dry out so fast.

  1. Take the time to make a mask and more

Not only is the daily facial roller massage relaxing, it makes the skin glow in just a few minutes. After use, you will have a radiant, fresh and glowing complexion! In combination with classic face masks, you can stimulate cell renewal and revitalize the skin in a few simple steps.

Gua sha stones are usually made of green jade or rose quartz. Its curved shape adapts to the contour of the face and the recesses of the body for a very stimulating massage. The massage should be done with a nourishing base to enhance its absorption and applied in upward movements and in one direction (in the opposite direction to wrinkles). It increases blood circulation reducing dark circles and puffiness, improves skin texture by minimizing pores, smoothing action helps reduce wrinkles and expression lines, reduces sagging skin on the neck and face, it also has refreshing properties that help relax muscle tension and it gives dull skin a natural glow.

  1. Try dietary supplements

High-quality food supplements and superfoods contain important nutrients, which are also useful for your beauty. Not only that, they can be an excellent source of energy, strengthen the immune system or help reduce stress. And all this also has a beneficial effect on your skin.

Follow these tips while working on your laptop, for example. You could make a face mask or scrub and have beautiful, well-groomed skin even while staying at home!

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