According to the Pew Research Centre, 20% of Americans were working from home before the pandemic. The number escalated to 71% after the coronavirus, and 54% of these workers would love to continue with the home-based work option after the dust has settled.

The way of working has shifted to a level that many have never experienced. While it has become easier for many to settle in, self-care is paramount. Establishing a home office and working with your children and pets all around you can be crazy. So let’s look at some work from home tips found on

1. Proper Dressing

Working from home can have you working in your pajamas. As much as it may work for you, or you feel that no one cares how you look, a change of clothes before beginning the day is an indicator that you are ready to kick ass. It gets you in the right mind and mood for work which in return adds to your focus and productivity, dressing up entails taking a shower and brushing your teeth as well. You don’t have to wear a suit but turning to fresh and presentable clothes can work the trick.

2. Home Office

Hello everyone, you need to have a designated location that is specifically for work once you decide to work from home. Make sure it’s comfortable with the right chair and table length. Having it at a location that allows in some natural lighting is also crucial. You can add in some things that inspire you as you work, like your favorite painting or picture of your kids. Even if it’s just a corner in your room, make it your official slave and see how your work mode is turned on when you step into it.

3. Routine

Having a routine can help keep you in check, from when to wake up, what meal or drinks to have like green tea, when to take breaks and when to finally call it a day. This will allow you to go through the day without bumps and having time for everything. It will also allow you time to socialize with friends and family and be ready for the next day.

4. Avoid Distractions

Avoiding distractions is one of the home beauty tips at Domum. It can be very easy to get distracted when working from home. You may want to cuddle your pet, watch that news bulletin, chat with your friends online or cool your favorite meal. Don’t fall for it, as it will make you slower and less productive. It may deter you from keeping pace with your deadline.

And as you follow the above; be sure to be in the right state of mind. Do not lock yourself in at all times: take a walk, do some yoga, listen to your favorite music or anything that makes you feel alive. Domum website is a health and beauty website that also gives you the know-how of how you can take care of yourself while at home, from remote working tips to the right beauty gadgets.

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